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Will Miller & Kim Jones

Wedding Date: 07/13/2015

Orlando, FL

How We Met!

We met through friends three years ago at a wine tasting and art gallery. The paintings were beautiful, but we couldn't take our eyes off each other the whole night. As the evening wound down, we exchanged numbers and promised to meet up for the next gallery event the following weekend. We couldn't wait that long, though, and ended up meeting for pizza just two days later!

How Kim Knew He Was the One!

In the middle of dinner on a date, a terrible rainstorm started. I was ready to take off my high heels and make a dash to the car with Will after dinner, but he wouldn't let me. He got soaked walking through the rain, drove his car to the front of the restaurant and held his new blazer over me as a makeshift umbrella while I got into the car.

How Will Proposed!

I know Kim loves the beach, so I took us on a "surprise" trip on the third anniversary of our first date. When we got there, it was sunset and I handed her a letter to read while she faced the ocean. When she finished and turned around, I had written, "Marry me?" in the sand and was down on one knee with the ring. Obviously, she said yes.